Glen Garioch 1986 Vintage

I managed to bag a very generous sample of Glen Garioch 1986 vintage (10cl) and thought I’d review it for you. Glen Garioch (which is pronounced ‘Glen Geery’), is nestled on the East coast of Scotland and is one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland.

This 25 year old was bottled in 2011 at cask strength. Here are the dramstat


  • Age 25 years
  • ABV 54.6%
  • Price around £120

Nose: Frangipane, green apple, vanilla essence, madeira cake. 1 teaspoon of Water releases very soft peat, malt loaf and blackforest gateaux. After some time in the glass comes wine gums, sherry soaked sultanas, forest fruit tea. One more teaspoon of water releases spearmint and ozone.

Palate: Rich medjool dates in honey, black grape peel, black wine gums. Oak tannins develop after time in the glass. Ground coriander.

Finish: Touch of pepper, oaky spices, then juicy dark fruits unleash. The fruit just keeps coming. Blackcurrent, brambles, dark black grape, blueberry that takes an age to fade over a spicy background. Excellent long fruity finish.

Verdict: No doubt this is an excellent whisky that really benefits from some respect and time in the glass. An intriguing and developing nose with a long long fruity finish. At £120 it’s expensive but not unaffordable so I would consider it. If you have been bought it, or you are really tempted to buy it, enjoy! It’s a great whisky and you won’t be disappointed. For my personal taste I was hoping for a touch of smoke in an old Glen Garioch and it wasn’t there. A little kiss of smoke and I might be putting a bottle in my online shopping basket right now!




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