Aberlour 16 Bourbon cask

Back in March 2011, Mrs dramstats and I did the Aberlour distillery tour. Back then, this tour had just won the whisky magazine award for best whisky visitor attraction and it didn’t disappoint. The sort of detailed tour that involved tasting the wash (please all distilleries start offering this!), and really went the extra mile.

The tour culminated in one of the warehouses with a very generous tasting session. Aberlour 10, 12, 16, 18, Single cask bourbon 16, single cask sherry 16. The last two were from casks that you could bottle your own whisky from (for a mere £65) right there at the distillery.

So after 4 drams and having really enjoyed the tour I wanted to bottle my own, and the choice was between 16 year old bourbon and 16 year old sherry. I liked the bourbon. “Huge red apple like the 10 year old on speed” I said at the time.

I enjoyed filling the bottle from the cask, putting the stopper and seal on, writing the labels and sticking them on, and putting it in the box. As far as I was concerned, total bargain. But how did the whisky inside hold up to review 2 years down the road? Here are the dramstats


  • Price £65
  • ABV 60.3%
  • Age 16
  • Cask type: first fill Bourbon

Nose: Red apples, vanilla, touch of mens aftershave, pear drops, hint of nail varnish remover. Needs water. Boiled sweets. Very “bourbony”.

Palate: Pepper, red apples, vanilla and icing sugar.

Finish: Oaky and peppery before long vanilla cream.

Verdict: This is not the greatest whisky I’ve spent £65 on. I wouldn’t buy it from a shop. However, the experience of filling the cask at the time was definitely worth the money. If you are in Speyside the Aberlour tour is well worth it. Really excellent experience and a cool little distillery.


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