anCnoc Peter Arkle Facebook tasting

Last night was the first Facebook whisky tasting I’ve taken part in or ever heard of. Having attended lots of twitter tastings (the first of which was anCnoc), the idea to try a different social media seemed a good one.

We were sent 2 samples. One of the anCnoc Peter Arkle Travel Retail exclusive, and one of the Peter Arkle limited edition #2. Here are the dramstats:

  • Peter Arkle Travel retail exclusive
  • Non coloured
  • Non chill filtered
  • ABV 46%
  • Ex Bourbon Cask
  • Price £36.99

Nose: Honey, Orange, Sweet lemon sherbet, touch of sea salt, tea cakes, chalk, vanilla.

Palate: Lemon and honey lockets, white pepper, toffee and vanilla.

Finish: White pepper, juicy raisins and dates.

Verdict: Lovely bourbon cask, very drinkable. At the price I’d be a happy buyer. I really enjoyed the nose on this one.

  • Peter arkle limited edition #2
  • ABV 46%
  • Non coloured
  • Non chill filtered
  • Mixture of bourbon and sherry casks

Nose: Raspberry and red apple jam, oak, caramel, burnt rubber, furniture polish and sherried fruit notes. I am not a fan of the burnt rubber note. It seems to get in the way of the fruity notes.

Palate: Dry, oaky and fruit. Some raisin and sherry before chilli takes over.

Finish: Chilli, werthers original and supermarket brand milk chocolate raisins.

Verdict: I like the chilli note from the palate into the finish, but I’m really not a fan of the nose. The fruit is nice, but there is an unpleasant note for me that spoiled my enjoyment. Not one I would buy, personally.

Overall verdict: Firstly a verdict on facebook as a place to hold whisky tastings. It doesn’t work. The site never refreshes and, in the end, I had to use my phone to get semi-frequent comments. Twitter just seems much better designed for live type conversation required for whisky tastings.

Of the two drams, the travel retail was a clear winner for me. Of course, my word is not gospel, many tasters on the night preferred the limited edition, so it could be worth a go, but I wouldn’t buy it for myself. If you don’t plan to travel soon but would like to try anCnoc, I can heartily recommend the 16 year old, a bottle I’ve bought twice in the past. The 12 is also excellent.

Lastly, I’d just like to say thank anCnoc for bottling at 46%, not adding colour and not chill filtering. It really makes a difference to the quality of whisky!


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