Whisky Advent: Day 2

The excitement continues! I tell you this feeling like a child thing isn’t getting old. Today we’ve taken a trip round the peninsula from Campbell town to the outskirts of Glasgow.


I have tried this once before, on a distillery tour on my Birthday this year. Though I didn’t review this then, a review of the distillery tour is here.

So, now that I have a proper nosing glass and as part of this whisky advent series, here are the dramstats:

Auchentoshan 12 year old

  • ABV 40%
  • Price ~£29
  • Mixture of ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks

Nose: Raisin and biscuit (Garibaldis). Fig rolls, mince pies and hint of vanilla.

Palate: Fig rolls jump out, very biscuity with sherry fruit. A little thin, like sherried raisin cordial. Could do with higher ABV.

Finish: Drying and chalky, sherried fruit and a slightly acrid bitter end note.

Verdict: I’m dieting at the moment and havn’t eaten biscuits for a while. Hence I really enjoyed this. I love the biscuity notes and the fig rolls taste and, at the price, this is a decent malt with enjoyable moments that I would recommend. However, I think this is coloured and chill filtered and I wish it wasn’t. I also wish it was bottled at a higher strength. Still, I guess I understand why it is presented the way it is and you can’t have everything. Because of the good price, this is a dram I would buy.


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