Dram Review: Deanston 12 (Whisky Advent Calendar: day 3)

Day 3. A monday morning. Made infinitely better by opening an advent calendar with whisky inside!

Today was the first day I’ve opened a window to find a whisky inside that I’d not tried before. And here it is


Deanston 12 year old!

I have heard good things about this, perhaps unfashionable, single malt whisky. Deanston is part of the Burn Stewart group that includes Black Bottle, Bunnahabhain, Tobermory and Ledaig. Burn Stewart recently took the bold decision to overhaul their malts and give them a craft presentation.

What do I mean by “craft presentation”? I mean they upped the ABV to 46.3%, they don’t chill filter and they don’t add caramel colouring. Excellent!

So, with my anticipation at a peak, here are the dramstats:

  • ABV 46.3%
  • Non coloured
  • Non chill filtered
  • Price £30

Nose: Fresh fruit, strawberry liquorice, fresh red apple and pears. Malty biscuit adds to the nose and reminds me of apple turnovers. Sweet vanilla and clean bourbon.

Palate: Apple chips, pear drops, apple sourz, fizzy apple haribo.

Finish: Waves of apple and pear. The tangy apple gives a sour bite and then gets really sweet and juicy, before creamy vanilla comes in from the sides.

Verdict: Love this, and total bargain at the price. A very light and fruity early evening dram with a great presentation. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Dram Review: Deanston 12 (Whisky Advent Calendar: day 3)

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