Master of Malt

It’s early December and it’s time to buy your Christmas presents. I’ve been doing a mini blog series on christmas drams and presents for whisky lovers, and, as part of it, I want to recommend a great place to buy whisky gifts. In particular, I want to share my experience of my favourite retailer, Master of Malt.

Now, I don’t work for any whisky companies and I’m not saying “only shop here” (I certainly don’t). I just think this company gives great customer service and stocks a great range of whisky related gifts.

Master of Malt is an online spirits retailer specialising in whisky (but they do sell lots of other things). You can find a link to their website here. When you type in your favourite whisky into google (other search engines are available) and you see the top 3 cheapest prices it is available at online, Master of Malt is often one of the places listed.

First thing’s first, Master of Malt is a great place to shop for a whisky lover. Not only do they stock good whisky (that’s kind of a given) they also make their own spirits and cocktails. Their website is well designed and user friendly. They bottle their own single malts under a variety of different identities. They sell sample whisky in 3cl wax sealed bottles. They put together gift sets, tasting kits, blend your own whisky kits, mature your own whisky kits, and, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, as you’ll know, a whisky advent calendar!


Some of their products are just pure cool. The advent calendar, you know about. The sample bottles are a great way to try whisky without committing to a whole bottle. One of their brands, “That Boutique-y Whisky Company”, bottles single malt with cool artist designed labels. Check this one out:


That’s right! A raptor fighting a shark! Need I say more?

The customer service is the best I have received from an online retailer.

MoM e-mail you when you place an order. They also e-mail you in when the order is sent. The whisky they send is very safely packaged. They use cool inflatable cases to house the whisky so that it doesn’t get damaged. They offer two kinds of postage. A rapid service that costs slightly more and a normal service. For example, the rapid service might say “Guaranteed by Monday” and the normal service might say “Guaranteed by Thursday”. Every product I’ve ever bought from them arrived at least 1 if not 2-3-4 days early.

They have always responded to questions by e-mail and via twitter quickly. Once, I bought a bottle of 18 year old Ardbeg. I completed the order then decided I wanted another one. So I ordered again but I had to pay just under £5 postage again. I figured it was my mistake so didn’t hold out much hope, but I asked the guys at MoM if they wouldn’t mind catching my order, putting both bottles together, and refunding me for half of the postage. Not only did they do it, but they got back to me within 15 minutes and they guaranteed the order by Thursday yet delivered it 4 days early.

These are small touches, but they add up, over time, to customer trust. I trust MoM, I love their products and I find their prices to be competitive. They are certainly worth browsing when shopping for that whisky lover in your life this christmas.


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