Whisky Advent Calendar Day 7

Ending week 1 of the whisky advent with a Friday. I love Fridays, but the morning is always a tough one. I find myself at my most tired when the alarm goes off on a friday morning.

So, it was this friday when I staggered downstairs and noticed the advent calendar. “Oh Yeah” I thought, and my day picked up immediately. It got even better when I discovered that what lay behind window 7 was a very popular whisky I’ve been meaning to taste for ages. Bunnahabhain 12 year old.

“How can you not have tried Bunna?” I hear you saying. Well, the answer is that I just havn’t got around to it since Burn Stewart changed the presentation (by bottling at 46%, not chill filtering and not colouring, go them!). I keep meaning to, but you can’t taste everything.

I did get a chance a few months back when I saw it in a bar. Yet when I ordered it, it came in a vast tumbler and I stood no chance of giving it a proper review. So, thanks MoM, and here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 46.9%
  • Price £35
  • Non coloured
  • Non-chill filtered

Nose: Sweet at first with an apparent sherry influence. Blackcurrant cables, jammy dodger biscuits, vanilla, pear and buttery.

Palate: Not what I was expecting. Quite savoury, particularly with reference to the nose. A note of buttered popcorn comes through.

Finish: Proper wave like finish with creamy, melted butter on popcorn, slightly drying oak and a flurry of white pepper.

Verdict: Excellent dram, particularly at the price. Unusual and not what I was expecting given the nose. I loved it. One for my shelf I think.



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