Whisky Advent Calendar Day 13

Day 13, unlucky for some. Perhaps not for me though as today’s dram is Dalmore 12.

Dalmore is a whisky I’ve always wanted to try, ever since I heard about the Dalmore 62 breaking £100,000 at auction. The bottle looks cool, and the idea of a malt to have with cigars (a la The Cigar Malt) sounds pretty good to me.

So, though it may only be the entry level 12 year old, it’s an intro to a range that intrigues me and therefore a great dram for the advent calendar. Here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 40%
  • Age 12
  • Price £35

Nose: Grim! Back in year 8 chemistry I accidentally set fire to the rubber on a clamp with a bunsen burner and this is what the nose reminds me of here. Perhaps not as pungent as full blown burning rubber, but heated rubber certainly. I can smell some rich fruit behind the rubber but it’s really unpleasant to get past. Oh no!

Palate: Not much nicer than the nose!

Finish: Rubber with a touch of watery fruit.

Verdict: I can’t finish this at all. It is too unpleasant! I’ve side by side sniffed it with Grants, with a sherried whisky and with a peated whisky, and I still come back to it and get the nasty rubber. I then left it overnight and tried again in the morning. In the end, the majority of this sample was thrown into the sink. I have to wonder, given other online reviews, whether I just had a duff sample. It can happen that the odd bottle is bad for whatever reason. I won’t be risking my own money to find out though! I’ve heard good things about the cigar malt. Maybe I can get a sample of that from somewhere.




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