Glengoyne 17 year old

This is an excellent dram that I bought in October after doing a tour of Glengoyne distillery.

Glengoyne is a nice little distillery just north east of Glasgow. It is technically a highland region single malt, though it sits right on the highland-lowland border. According to our tour guide, the malt is distilled in the highlands and matured in warehouses across the road which are technically in the lowlands. To me it looked as if it should be the other way around, but who am I to argue?

Actually, as distillery tours go, it wasn’t a great one. Our guide insisted that blended whisky is really clear unmatured spirit with caramel added (don’t worry, that is spectacularly untrue), and generally misinformed our party regarding the particulars of the whisky making process.

The tasting at the end though, was pretty good. Glengoyne make some excellent whisky. You can’t really go wrong with the 10 year old as an entry level malt, the 21 is a lovely rich ruby red and is very rich and fruity, but, for me, the 17 was the pick of the bunch.

Most Glengoyne whisky is sherry cask matured for the entire time of its maturation, so this malt is heavily fruity, whichever expression you buy. Here are the dramstats for the 17 year old:




  • Age 17
  • ABV 43%
  • Price £50

Nose: Moist christmas cake, raisins, sultanas and dates with soft brown sugar, fig rolls, warm buttered toast, cinnamon and oak barrels.

Palate: Bitter muscavado sugar, bitter dried fruit, buttery, caramac bars.

Finish: Blackcurrant liquorice, drying oak, melted butter and bitter dried fruit.

Verdict: Glengoyne have now gotten rid of the 17 year old and replaced it with an 18 year old expression. It is worth getting hold of a bottle of the 17 if you can, and if you shop wisely I think you can pick it up for under £40.


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