Whisky Advent Calendar Day 15

Just 10 drams left to go and day 15 was the Islay Single Malt Scotch called Smokehead. The wisdom is that this is Caol Ila, but it doesn’t say so definitively on the bottle. I’ve been interested in this dram for a while, so was pretty pleased to get it.

Here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 43%
  • Price ~£28

Nose: Peat, freresher bars, citrus, then gets smokier with time in the glass. It develops a peaty chocolatey note like a smokey fruit and nut bar. Coastal notes come through too with seaweed and grilled seafood.

Palate: Smokey chocolate, a peppery blast and sweet.

Finish: Sweet and chocolatey with lingering peat smoke and really appealing bitter cocoa at the end

Verdict: Fantastic stuff this and mega-value. A lot of Islay whisky can be overpriced, but this little treat is really really competitive with all entry level single malts and puts many of them to shame. With all the whiskies that the advent calendar has convinced me to buy, I’ll run out of room and money!



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