Johnnie Walker Double Black

November and December are excellent months for super bargains on whisky in the supermarkets. I picked up a few bargains this time around and here is one of them. Johnnie Walker Double Black. This is a Diageo blended whisky that, at least from the name, appears to be pitched as a richer and smokier version of the famous black label.

Here are the dramstats


  • ABV 40%
  • Price £24 (supermarket deal) ~£33 normally

Nose: Closed. This is very difficult to coax out of it’s shell. There is smoke and a sweetness that is almost cigar-like. Drop of water opens up furniture polish, old leather and a salty tang. The nose is complex but is still quite faint (and I’ve sampled this multiple times). Best not to have had a malt before nosing this one.

Palate: Extremely mild but sweet leading into smoke then ash. The smoke is cigar like, warm and lovely. There is a burst of barley sweetness as the palate develops with the smoke.

Finish: Cigar ash and a bitter caramel.

Verdict: Even though there is smoke, this is a dram for early in a dramming session as it’s delicate and would be dominated by a single malt. It is subtle and complex and certainly interesting. One I would buy again at the price I paid, but perhaps not one I’d seek out at over £30.


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