Big Peat Xmas 2012

My last dram of the new year had to be a 2012 dram, and what better way to end the year than with the special small batch 2012 xmas edition of big peat?

I was lucky enough to win this bottle from Single Malts Direct, so it’s not something I would have thought about buying. Big peat is a blend of Islay whiskies containing Port Ellen (a whisky I’ve not had the opportunity to try). It is presented at cask strength and is not chill filtered.

Here are the dramstats:



  • Price £43 from single malts direct
  • ABV 53.6%

Nose: All encompassing peat with a slight medicinal note saturated in smoke. Light fruit on top of the smoke with apples and pears. Then citrus, specifically lemon peel. Time in the glass leads to a slight winey note.

Palate: Smokey and medicinal. However, this is not like Laphroaig. That plasters/iodine note is there but the smoke is much richer and lighter citrus notes give it a zing.

Finish: Spicy pepper kick followed by rich smoke giving way to sticking plasters and lemon peel and a creamy after taste.

Verdict: It’s definitely a peat monster but I much prefer it to Laphroaig, though I was hoping for a little more complexity from a blend. For £43 for a cask strength peat monster though, you can’t go wrong. I may look into the standard big peat and I’ll be very tempted by xmas 2013…



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