The 12 drams of xmas: Day 2

Today we continue the series of reports on the 12 drams of xmas twitter tasting event. I introduced this event here where we started with the Tomatin provided Tomatin 15 year old.

To give you a quick reminder, 11 online whisky enthusiasts poured half a bottle of whisky into 10 sample bottles and sent them to the other 10 taking part. The bottles were marked only with the number of the day we were due to start. On the given day, we all blind tasted the chosen dram and tried to guess what it was.

Though I did well on some of the drams and embarrassingly badly on some others, I thought I’d post my tasting notes, my unedited guesses and reveal the answers. I will understand if, having read this series, you decide to take my word in the future with a pinch of salt!

Dram #2 was from David Carson @TIA568B on twitter and author of Glen Untitled, a very good whisky blog. Here are my notes:

Nose: Fresh lychee, apple and peach. Zesty and summery, lemon and lime with sherbet and vanilla.

Palate:  Savoury notes with cheese straws and plain rich tea biscuits. Apple juice, comes through too

Finish:  Fruit juice with drying oak and cream crackers.

My guess: This was not a big whisky. Light, not sherried and not rich with fruit so I thought it might be a lowland style. I went for Auchentoshan Classic at 40% ABV.

The answer: Glengoyne burnfoot NAS highland whisky, 40%ABV (travel retail).

Actually I’ve not done so badly here. This was an unusual Glengoyne. This distillery, sitting right on the border between the highlands and lowlands, matures almost exclusively in sherry casks. I don’t believe that this expression is sherry matured, so this was a pretty tough one. Also Glengoyne is Auchentoshan’s nearest neighbour. Still, just a few points for getting the ABV right, maybe I got points for stating a NAS whisky, but I doubt it.



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