Whisky Advent Calendar Day 18

Ok WOW! This one was a really interesting dram to find in my Advent Calendar:

Glenisla 34 years old, 1977 cask strength collection (Signatory). ooooooo.

So firstly, Glenisla? Where’s that? Never heard of that distillery before. Here are the results of my research.

Glenisla is actually a slightly peated malt distilled at Glen Keith distillery. It is very rare and the result of an experiment at Glen Keith in the 70s. I’ve not been able to find any from later than 1977.

So, this is a pretty interesting dram and a unique experience for me. Here are the dramstats:



  • Age 34 years
  • ABV 44.3%
  • Price ~£158 (though sold out at most places)
  • Filled into cask in 1977

Nose: Eau de cologne, tropical fruits with toasted coconut, banana flavoured medicine, brazil nuts. A salty soapy note with lots of resin and pine with a mild springbank-type of peat smoke. Very interesting and complex. Not Islay style peat at all.

Palate: Citrus, guava, mango and oak. Lots of different fruit and an odd soapy note.

Finish: Tropical fruit juice with brazil nuts and hazelnuts with the inner skin on. Then a tinge of smoke and pine.

Verdict: Very interesting with lots of tropical fruit to enjoy and a very unusual peat present. I wouldn’t want to pay £150+ for a bottle of this, but I’m very glad to have tasted it. Wonderful treat in the advent calendar!



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