Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 19

A 15 year old single barrel edition of Balvenie. Another excellent and eclectic dram from the advent calendar. The teens have been really good to me!

Here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 47.80%
  • Age 15 yrs
  • Price ~$48

Nose: Immediately sweet honey, followed by pepper, red apple and vanilla. Lovely brandy snap note. Needs just a drop of water to open up. A strange herbal note comes through with water. Coriander+parsley :S.

Palate: Sweet fruit and honey then a wave of pepper and chilli attacks the palate.

Finish: Sickly sweet honey burst with caramelised apples and toffee sauce with brandy snap fading into the distance.

Verdict: This is very nice by sickly. I’d characterise this as a mood whisky and I’d only ever have 1. I’m not sure, therefore, whether I’d buy a bottle of this for myself, but, given the right mood…


One thought on “Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 19

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