Dramstats news

February will see some exciting posts and developments here on dramstats. Most exciting will be a series of distillery and whisky bar reviews “live from Speyside”.

I’m heading up to Speyside on the 9th and I’ve rented a cottage in Aberlour for a week. I’ll be going to Glendronach, Glenfarclas, Benromach, The Macallan, Gordon and Macphail and, if you have any suggestions for other whisky locations North of the Cairngorms, do drop me a comment and I’ll try to fit them in and blog about the experiences.

We also have a number of exciting dram reviews in the pipeline, the highlight of which will be 50 years old! I’ll also be reviewing a series of releases from Master of Malt as part of their “That Boutique-y Whisky Company” range and this brings me to some news.

Regular readers will notice that I’ve tweaked the appearance of dramstats and that I’ve added a banner for Master of Malt to the homepage.

This is because I have agreed to become an affiliate of Master of Malt. You may remember this post, in the run up to Christmas, and that might give you some indication of the regard I hold for this company. I also bought the Whisky Advent Calendar from them and reviewed each of the drams inside on here.

Being an affiliate has two main benefits for this blog:

  1. Occasionally I will be able to sample new Master of Malt products and offer my opinion.
  2. If people buy from Master of Malt having linked to them from dramstats, I get a small commission. If I do earn any commission I intend to invest it in the blog in some way. Either by upgrading the blog, maybe by buying a reader voted for dram to review on here, or, most likely, running a reader competition or two. I’d be interested in any ideas you guys have.

I’ll make it clear when I’ve been sent a sample of a whisky I’m reviewing. I’ll still give my honest opinions and I’ll still say whether I would buy a(nother) bottle of whatever I am reviewing, and you can factor the source of the dram when weighing my comments if you wish.

Enjoy your weekend and look out for some exciting posts here on dramstats in the coming month!


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