The 12 drams of xmas: Day 12

Finishing the series of reports on the 12 drams of xmas twitter tasting event: After my correct guess on day 11 I needed only 5 points (so just the region/country right) for the W…

Quick reminder: 11 online whisky enthusiasts poured half a bottle of whisky into 10 sample bottles and sent them to the other 10 taking part. The bottles were marked only with the number of the day we were due to start. On the given day, we all blind tasted the chosen dram and tried to guess what it was.

Though I did well on some of the drams and embarrassingly badly on some others, I’m posting my tasting notes, my unedited guesses and revealing the answers.

Dram #12 was from Sean Foushee (@WhiskyMarks on twitter). Here are my notes:

Nose: Cherry coke, vanilla, rye, spicy cough syrup.

Palate: Cherry cough mixture, nutty, spicy pepper and rye.

Finish: Rich Cherry coke, chilli pepper and lots of oak.

My guess: Got to be American or Canadian. But which? I’ve stumped for Canadian Crown Royal XR.

The answer: Balcones True Blue Corn USA Whiskey. Less than a year old 63%ABV

Oh well. 0 points and no win for me. However, this day 12 whisky, LESS THAN A YEAR OLD??? I would never have believed you could get that much colour and character on such a young whisky. This was really amazing stuff and probably the highlight of 12 drams for me.


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