Speyside distillery bagging

Sunday was our first full day in Speyside. As anyone who’s been here will tell you, many places close in the winter months abd none are open on Sundays 😦 Unable to do an actual distillery tour i thought I’d get on my bike and go “distillery bagging”
First up was Aberlour, right on the doorstep. I then rode through to Craigellachie on the hunt for the distillery of the same name. On the way i foubd this place:Definitely on my bucket list one night this week. Heard good things about their range. Onwards out of Craigellachie and up a 120m accent and still no sign of the distillery. I stopped to take a couple of pictures of the view and then spotted it…How did i miss that?! So back to Craigellachie for some more exploring and finally i found itThings would be easier now i was on the road to Glenfiddich. First up the cooperageThen a few miles down the road, what seemed to be a disused building just before BalvenieThen The Balvenie itselfAnd onto Glendfiddich, home of the best distillery cafe ive been to by far!I was thinking about carrying on, but it was snowing pretty hard and i’d already done 15km. Time to head back and get warm. Bagging to be continued. We passed lots lots more in the car, but i dont think that counts.That night we had dinner booked in the mash tun and much whisky was consumed! I think ill write a new post on that later though, as i have some tasting notes to share. Today we’re touring Benromach and going to Gordon and Macphail. There may be a fair few posts from me this week, stay tuned!

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