Gordon and Macphail

After Benromach distillery in the morning (see earlier post), we made it a Gordon and Macphail day by heading to their shop in ElginThe place reminds me of Harrods from the outside and isnt exactly amongst all the other shops. What a place though. The first thing to say is that it’s not a whisky shop. It’s a Deli with a whisky room. But, what a whisky room!Unfortunately, even though this whisky room is extremely well stocked and was manned with at least one sometimes two people, at no point was i approached by the staff and offered any help. The staff were disinterested and ignored me.
Perhaps i’ve been to too many good whisky shops and have been spoiled, but this annoyed me. A good whisky shop should always seek to find out what type of customer they have, what they like and seek to sell them their best whiskies, perhaps offering samples to help. I’ve never been to a specialist whisky retailer before and been ignored (though i have nipped in and out before anyone has had a chance to approach) so, yes off to a bad start. Anyway, there are good things to say. The range is impressive and very well priced compared to certain whisky chains and, of course they have an impressive selection of Gordon and Macphail whiskies. One of my issues, however, was that i had no way of assessing which G&M expressions might suit me so I felt a little lost. I’d been in the whisky room for over half an hour when Mrs dramstats came to find me to show me the things she’d found in the rest of the shop.This is where the visit improved. The staff in the deli counter and in the general shop were ultra friendly. At the cheese counter a lady came to see if we were OK and insisted we tasted a number of cheeses. We ended up buying a cheese that had been matured in red wine!The chocolate counter was amazing and so tempting. A number of fancy looking chocolates were purchased. Then to the main counter where mrs dramstats was offered a tasting of numerous liqueurs, including rhubarb infused vodka which was ghastly sweet in my opinion, but She loved! Armed with fudge, chocolates, cheese, oatcakes, rhubarb vodka, and fruit cake we were about done when i saw the shop exclusive whiskies and was feeling better about the place.A 23 year old Speyburn at 50% caught my eye so i picked up a bottle, went to the counter and asked someone engrossed in a computer if it was possible to taste this particular exclusive. It was! I was offered a sample, it was excellent, i picked up a bottle. Armed with goodies, we paid and rounded off a pretty good day in Speyside with a pint in the Mash Tun on the way home:)

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2 thoughts on “Gordon and Macphail

  1. Thank you Dramstats for bringing this to my attention. Here at Gordon & MacPhail we strive to deliver great customer service and this falls below our expectations. I will review your comments with the team.

    Many thanks for your generous comments about the shop and whisky room, I am delighted that you liked our range of deli cheeses.

    Kind regards,

    Michael Urquhart
    Managing Director
    Gordon & MacPhail

    • Thank you for getting in touch Michael. We were so pleased with our experience in the rest of the shop that we went back for more cheese and chocolate to take home from our holiday later that week.

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