More distillery bagging

Wow blogging on your phone is a pain. Got so much to catch up on! Did Gordon and Macphail yesterday as well as Benromach (see my last post). Will write up Gordon and Macphail soon, but will have to be quick. We’re doing Macallan and Glen Grant today! First tour is at 11 at The Macallan so i figured i’d get on my bike and do some more distillery bagging before breakfast. I headed over to Rothes and began the hunt…First up was Glen Spey, unsignposted and just off the main road. From there it was through to this afternoon’s tour destination, Glen Grant.Onwards past the animal feed plant (where they process the draff and pot ales into cattle feed) and up a small road to Speyburn. I bought a bottle of this from G&M yesterday but more on that later.Then it was back past the still makers ForsythsI just couldnt find Glenrothes! After riding around for a while i resorted to google and found it down a road with no signage. It was worth it though. Very picturesque and these ducks look like they’ve been inside and on the good stuff all morning!Lots more whisky fun to be had. Hopefully i wont be too hungover to get back on the bike and bag more distilleries though!

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