Glen Grant distillery tour

Following an awesome morning tour at the Macallan, we headed down the road to Glen Grant distillery and gardens.This place is owned by Campari and Glen Grant is the number 1 selling single malt in Italy. The tour is £3.50 for which you get a good tour, 2 drams and access to the gardens as well as £2 off a 70cl bottle should you wish to buy. All in all a total bargain considering it’s worth the money to go round the garden.We were allowed to take photos throughout the distillery (thank you Campari for showing common sense), so here are the mash tun, wash backs and stills.These are the first stills ive seen with purifiers. Gadgets at the top of the still that send heavier elements back into the still for a lighter spirit. I wonder why they didnt use taller stills or more horizontal line arns, but who am i to argue with their success?After a quick look in a warehouse it was back to the visitor centre for the most ridiculous dvd we’ve seen at a distillery. Some actor pretends to be Major Grant, the man responsible for the distillery’s success, wearing a vast, comic, fake moustache that moves from scene to scene. Seriously if Eric Morcambe had worn it, everyone would have laughed. Anyway, the fake major rambles for 10 minutes about his life and then we go for a quick tasting. On to a tasting of two whiskies, Glen Grant Major Reserve and Glen Grant 10 yr.

Glen Grant Major Reserve

  • Price £22
  • ABV 40%
  • Age 6-8yo

Nose: Apple, barley, touch of vanilla, honey, alcohol burn (quite young), hob nobs, buttery.

Palate: Biscuity, hob nobs with apple chips.

Finish: Pepper, vanilla, biting malt.

Verdict: Pretty good for a 6-8 year old whisky.

Glen Grant 10

  • Age 10
  • ABV 40%
  • Price £26

Nose: Honey, golden syrup, hob nobs, apples, quite closed. Vanilla, dried fruit and raisins appear after time.

Palate: Vanilla, biscuity and fruity.

Finish: Slightly oaky pepper kick with a long finish of digestive biscuits and vanilla.

Verdict: for a 10 year old this is pretty good and well priced.

The Garden

Of course Glen Grant isnt just a distillery. There is also a victorian garden. This is great after the tour if you are with your other half (who is kind enough to chauffer you around). It’s very pictoresque and there are one or two surprises…Behind this door there really is Glen Grants whisky locked away for guests. They are brought out here and have their drams with water from the burn! Cool!

Overall Verdict

A really good tour with something for the driver/kids at the end. They had some nice looking distillery only bottles for sale, but offered no chance to sample them. I think they’d sell more if they did. I like being able to take photos, but i would drop the comedy dvd part.

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