Dram Review: Invergordon batch 1: That Boutique-y whisky company

I was sent this sample by the chaps at Master of Malt. It’s from their range of whiskies labelled “That Boutiquey Whisky Company”. Firstly, a little about the concept:

Master of Malt are creating whiskies from individual distilleries (when these are single malt distilleries, they are creating single malts, when grain distilleries, single grain) by blending different casks from the same distillery together. They then give these whiskies a “boutique-y” style presentation with numbered 50cl bottles with uniquely designed labels designed to evoke something of the distillery. Some of the labels tell an old distillery story, some evoke characters connected with the distillery, and some are just freakin’ awesome (see the Aultmore shark battling a raptor label).

On the Invergordon label, it depicts a an amusing cartoon of a Coffey still (the type of continuous still used at most grain distilleries). This is a blended grain whisky and I know for a fact that there are some really old whiskies in here (40+ and 50+ year old whiskies). Here are the dramstats:


  • Price £59.95 only here
  • ABV 41.6%
  • 50cl

Nose: Smoked paprika, corn, cola, vanilla, spicy BBQ sauce, aniseed, baked caramelised onion, pepper, Spearmint, sweet flan pastry. A fireworks note appears after time in the glass, like catherine wheels (not sulphury), then malty ovaltine and furniture polish. It’s absolutely excellent.

Palate: Pepper, sweetcorn, vanilla, toffee popcorn, cherry coke and cola bottles.

Finish: Vanilla cream, tobasco, cola bottles and cherry coke with a vanilla float.

Verdict: This is soooo good. Grain whisky is massively underrated. At the price it works out at £84 for a full sized 70cl bottle. That’s in my “I would only buy this if I absolutely loved the whisky” price range. I really do though. Given the age of some of the grain here and the action on the nose, I actually think this is a bargain and the reason it can be is probably that grain whisky is so underrated. I just hope I get paid before they sell out!


4 thoughts on “Dram Review: Invergordon batch 1: That Boutique-y whisky company

    • Hi, not sure. I think they do send Whisky abroad but I’m not sure which countries they can send to. If you click the link it will probably say on their website where they’ll ship to.

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