Dram Review: Caperdonich -Batch 3 That Boutique-y Whisky Company

This is another review from the Master of Malt range of That Boutique-y Whiskies kindly sent to me, by them, for review.

The range is based on whiskies from a being blended by the chaps at Master of Malt, then bottled “Boutique” style in 50cl bottles with artist designed labels that evoke something of the distillery in question.

The label on the Caperdonich bottles depicts the legendary pipe that ran between now closed Caperdonich and it’s sister distillery Glen Grant. Here are the dramstats:


  • Price £135.95 only from here
  • ABV 45.7%
  • 50cl

Nose: Malty, vanilla and ovaltine. Macdonalds chocolate milkshake. Cinder toffee and baked pear. Vanilla, icing sugar. Milk Chocolate distinctively comes through so that crunchie bars are the lasting impression. With a drop of water there is a note of Caramac bars.

Palate: Really connects with the nose (which is something I personally like in a whisky). Sweet malty vanilla, cinder toffee, milk chocolate and oak comes through.

Finish: Very sweet, aspartame, hint of turkish delight, pears and vanilla malt.

Verdict: I could really destroy a bottle of this! Lovely stuff! However, way out of my price range. I’m not saying it’s over priced. Caperdonich is a closed distillery after all! I’m saying I wouldn’t buy it because it’s not really in my price range (except for exceptional whiskies maybe once every couple of years).



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