Dram Review: Aultmore batch 1 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Thanks to the chaps at Master of Malt for sending me this to review.

This is one of those “Boutique-y” whiskies with the the cool labels and unique expressions from each distillery (see here).

The Aultmore label is beyond cool. A raptor attacking a shark! Apparently they couldn’t find any good enough stories about Aultmore to make the distillery label, so they just went all out cool!

Here are the dramstats:


  • Price £34.95 only here
  • ABV 53.4%
  • 50cl

Nose: Red apples and pears, touch of sweet vanilla creme brulee. Water releases liquorice with black jacks and sweetshop uncarbonated cola. Time leads to green gauges and a slight crumble note. This really benefits from the water.

Palate: Sweet icing sugar and slightly biscuity. Water makes this like thick cola syrup and malt.

Finish: Vanilla, drying with lots of chilli pepper when water added, then aspartame and vanilla cola.

Verdict: The label rules and the price is fine so I really want to like it. No doubt value at the strength, but it needs water and time to show itself. It’s nice but not something I’d enjoy a whole bottle of.



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