Benrinnes Batch 1, That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Thanks once again to Master of Malt for sending me this for review.

Benrinnes is an interesting distillery. Last time I was in Speyside, you may remember I spent a lot of time cycling around looking for distilleries. Benrinnes was one of those I looked for and found.

Overlooking the peak of the mountain after which it was named, Benrinnes, one of the Diageo group of distilleries, cuts a very run down figure from the outside. It’s not open to the public and the sign looks as if weather beaten since the early seventies. I cycled round the plant and, to be honest, felt sorry for the place. “This is what happens to those distilleries that don’t make it into single malts”, I thought.

Still, Benrinnes makes a lot of malt for the Diageo range of blends and we have the odd expression to taste. That includes this baby from Master of Malt. As usual, this is blended from multiple casks of Benrinnes by the Master of Malt crew and bottled with a stylish cartoony style label, this one depicting the characters from the whiskyfun comics, Pete McPeat and Jack Washback having a conversation about the Benrinnes process.

Here are the dramstats:


  • Price £43.95 here.
  • ABV 48.9%

Nose: Slightly burnt toffee and lychee, touch of rubber (from a bunsen burner cable), apricot, peach and raisin. Baked apple crumble.

Palate: Drying, chalky mouthfeel, lychee juice that gets over run by the burnt notes and that rubbery quality from the nose.

Finish: Burnt rubber and fireworks. Dries a lot.

Verdict: I really don’t like this. Sorry Master of Malt. Nice notes linger in the background and threaten to show themselves, but my nose and tastes can’t get beyond the rubberiness and the drying.



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