Review: Grants Ale Cask (again) 12 Blends day 3

We continue our blended whisky month with day 3 of our 12 blends competition. Remember this is where 12 bloggers swap whisky samples and taste them blind everyday, guessing what they are (and getting them completely wrong).

Today was the turn of Rod Graham, writer of and he served up one I’d reviewed 3 days ago: Grants Ale cask.

I guessed that it was The Tweedale blend (kind of embarrassing given the previous review), but since I wasn’t confident on that, I went for 40% ABV (because the stats are on my side there). Huzzah!

Here are the dramstats: (also see my first review)


Nose: Honey, sherried raisins, sweet sickly peat smoke, baked pear, malted milk biscuits. After a minute the peat smoke has gone (in a puff) and is replaced by creamy caramel.

Palate: No puff of smoke here but a puff of malty ovaltine! malted milk biscuits again, diluted apple juice and caramac bars.

Finish: Ovaltine, some pear juice, almost chewy toffee aftertaste (no smokey puff again). Some mild tingly spices mingle with the juicy malt during the fade.

Verdict: Almost spooked by the here at the start then gone smoke, but absolutely loved this. Lots of rich malty notes with sweet fruit juicy and toffee caramel. Very smooth too. What’s weird is how different my notes are from my original review of this. Blind reviews are such eye openers! Either way it’s a total bargain.


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