Review: Ballantines 17, 12 Blends Day 4

So our blended whisky adventure continues today with day 4 from (@Ardbaggie on twitter): The lovely Ballantines 17

My guess, wrong as usual, was Cutty Sark, though I really knew this was wrong, but couldnt think of another blend I knew that had no smoke. I used to have a bottle of this a few years ago and it always had a hint of strawberry for me. Reassuringly, Jim Murray always posts slightly different notes each year…

Here are the dramstats:


  • ABV 43%
  • Age 17
  • Price £46

Nose:  Mild citrus (lemon), honey, sea salt, vanilla. Reminds me of lemon muffin

Palate: Mild lemon muffin with some ginger then toffee coated malteasers (instead of chocolate).

Finish: Faint lemon and ginger with oaky peppery spices and apple juice with toffee on the fade.

Verdict: I loved it! Quaffable and, with me on a diet, the lemon muffin link had me foaming at the mouth! It’s a great dram and I think, though expensive for a blend, is a bargain for the age. I would buy another bottle.


One thought on “Review: Ballantines 17, 12 Blends Day 4

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