Review: Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 years

Continuing blended whisky month here on dramstats with day 6 of our 12 blends competition. Today it was the turn of Tom a la Tom’s Whisky Reviews.

He has chosen Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 Years, which I spectacularly failed to guess. I’ve gone for Compass Box Asayla.

Johnnie Walker Platinum is what I consider to be the top of the non-premium Johnnie Walker blends, which start with ‘Blue label’. That’s my definition not theirs, but I view this blend at the top of the “affordable” range and JW blue, at over £130, as “premium” in the sense that it would have to be very good indeed for me to part with that sort of money.

Here are the dramstats:


  • ABV 40%
  • Age 18 Years
  • Price £63

Nose: Oak, sea spray, subtle peat smoke, cut grass, furniture polish.

Palate: Sweet maple syrup, plum juice, vanilla, malty with some sweet sherry notes.

Finish: Pepper, malty ovaltine and plum juice. Fairly mild fade with a faint tingle of oak.

Verdict: Nice, and I definitely enjoyed it. However, when blind tasting I noted that for me it was a touch difficult for a blend and I didn’t find that the nose connected all that well with the palate. Knowing now what it is, I was perhaps tasting it with the wrong head on, and expecting a comforting and drinkable every day type dram (which for me a good blend in the £20-£45 range should be). This is obviously more expensive and more of a complex treat. Saying that, I wouldn’t part with £64 for a bottle of this, but I would like to taste it again.


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