Review: Smokin’ Blended Scotch Whisky

It’s blended whisky month on dramstats, and it’s also my turn in the 12 blends competition. I’ve chosen an interesting and obscure new blended whisky from Duncan Taylor called: Smokin’, The Gentleman’s Dram.

This was only released on the 25th of February and that is why I chose it.

Those of us interested in whisky hear about, and even get to taste, new single malt whisky all the time. But profits in the whisky industry are driven by blends, not malts, and blended whisky is also frequently released. It just doesn’t get the same press as single malt in my opinion, (though compass box do very well).

In fact, you only have to look at how lost I and everyone in the 12 blends competition has been with respect to guessing the drams, to see that we don’t pay nearly the same level of attention to blends as we do to malts. I am betting that most of the guys in the competition have never heard of this one, and neither had I until I was looking to buy something released recently. So here we have a new, unusual and well priced blended scotch whisky. Here are the dramstats:


  • ABV 40%
  • Price £27

Nose: Smoke, but lots of different kinds. First it’s BBQ smoke, then sweet, then medicinal peat. The types of smoke all wisp and weave in the glass. Then honey, brown sauce, and sticky BBQ ribs all reminding me of grilling marinaded meat on a BBQ, and crusty brown bread. Yum!

Palate: Sweet and smokey, with liquorice and a honey-BBQ sauce on smoked pulled pork.

Finish: BBQ sweet smokey sauce with peppery oak and the different smoke types all having their say. First savoury, then sweet and finally medicinal.

Verdict: Very interesting. A cynic might say that the way the different types of smoke come through is a sign that the whisky is not well “integrated”. I wouldn’t because I really like it. There is simplicity to this “does what it says on the tin” type dram that you really appreciate after a long day at work (maybe having come in from the cold and the rain). You can pour a dram of this, relax, warm up and be put in mind of those far off summer evenings outside with a BBQ, good meat and good company. All for a pretty good daily dram price too.


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