Review: Clontarf Blended Irish Whiskey

Blended Whisky month here on dramstats rolls into its second week. This time it’s day 8 of our blended whisky competition and Gal Granov of Whisky Israel has served up a dram of intrigue: Clontarf Irish Blended Whiskey.

So I was not a fan of this and I went for Harrier South African (mainly because I thought Gal might throw up a curve ball and go for a non scotch. I guess I was half right 😉 Here are the dramstats

picture from Gal

picture from Gal

  • ABV 40%
  • No Age Statement
  • Price £25

Nose: Parcel tape (pungent, even mrs dramstats, who says every whisky smells like apples, thought it smelled of parcel tape rather than apples), vanilla and bubblegum underneath

Palate: Malty vanilla flavoured icing sugar, a touch of wood and foam shrimps.

Finish: Drying and chalky malted vanilla. Slightly metallic.

Verdict: I am really not a fan of the parcel tape nose on this. The palate and finish are OK, and it was a really interesting whiskey to have tasted. Glad I had the opportunity. But I really wouldn’t want a bottle of this.


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