Review: The Antiquary 21 Year old Blended Scotch Whisky

Blended whisky month rolls on and I’m having a ball! It’s day 9 of our 12 blends and the turn of Steve Prentice of Somerset Whisky Blog to wow us all with a mystery blend. He chose, The Antiquary 21 year old blended scotch whisky and I’m very glad that he did!

I guessed the Balie Nicol Jarvie, though confidence was, as usual, pretty low. I toyed for about 10 minutes with something irish, Jameson 15, then thought better of it.

Here are the dramstats:


  • ABV 43%
  • Age 21
  • Price £54

Nose: Some nice grain, icing sugar, foam bananas, and hobnobs. Baked flapjack, zingy malt, vanilla. Some fresh pine, woody notes and a minty note.

Palate: Vanilla, flapjack and a big barley sugar punch.

Finish:  Peppery vanilla starburst! It literally sparkles on the tongue, with boiled sweets, pear drops and a touch of pine into the fade. This is a long and excellent finish.

Verdict: I love it. A fresh and zingy whisky slap in the face! Just what I needed after a hard day at the office! I am very surprised it is that old. However, I am not sure I’d pay £54 a bottle. I’m just not sure you need to pay that much for this type of pick you up after work dram. Maybe one night, when I need a good whisky slapping, I’ll cave and buy a bottle…I’ll keep you updated.


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