Review: High West Whiskey Campfire

Today was our friend from Texas’ turn in the 12 blends competiton. Sean Foushee (@WhiskyMarks) had delivered a belter from across the pond: High West Whiskey: Campfire

Knowing Sean and his proximity to Balcones, and having tasted True Blue at Whisky Live, I thought this might be from Balcones. However, no official product was a blend. Nevertheless, I know Sean gets to tinker in their warehouses from time to time, so my guess was some blend from there that wasn’t official. It’s only a game after all! Wrong, but got the ABV and age right.

Here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 46%
  • $53.99 (can’t find in the UK)

Nose: Corn and vanilla, sweet popcorn, treacle-honey, worcester sauce, charred oak, unripe banana, cinnamon, anise and smoke

Palate: Vanilla, sweet and tangy, sticky BBQ sauce with orange and honey,spices (cinnamon and pepper)

Finish: Fiery pepper, oak, rich vanilla and sweet, then really tangy.

Verdict: I love it! Shame you can’t get it in the UK yet, but here’s hoping. Very very good stuff this.


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