Review: The Wine Society Special 14 Year old Blended Scotch Whisky

Blended whisky month and it’s day 11/12 of the 12 blends saga. Dave Worthington of Whisky discovery fame had prepared us this this cracker of a blind tasting. The Wine Society’s special 14 year old blended whisky. I guessed Whyte and Mackay 13 year old (almost had the age!).

So who are the wine society and why are they blending scotch whisky? The wine society are, well, a wine society. You pay a membership, they send wine. What’s more they’ve been going since the mid 19th century. According to their website, they have been selling their special blended whisky for more than a century!

So it’s an old blend, and what’s more it’s a bargain. Apparently they mature in their own sherry casks and Mortlach figures in the blend. Anyway, enough teasing. Here are the dramstats:



  • Age 14 Years
  • Price £25
  • 1 Litre
  • ABV 40%

Nose: Vanilla and sweet smoke kick us off before rich raisins and milk chocolate make an appearance. In the background is a touch of pine.

Palate: Sweet raisin and milk chocolate (milka), sultana, clean sherry notes. A touch thin, but moreish.

Finish: Just lovely fading sherry notes. No spice I can detect. Bitter chocolate muscles in on a rich fruity fade.

Verdict: 2 points. First, this is sweet, fruity, chocolatey and moreish. Really enjoyable, if not overly complex. Second, it’s £25 per litre!! I promised myself I would never swear on this blog, and so I won’t. Instead I’ll say it’s a *@!&*@* bargain! Don’t believe me? Check the #12blends hash tag on twitter to see the other bloggers raving about it. Or just buy a litre now before we buy it all!



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