Review: Master of Malt 8 Year old Blended Scotch Whisky

It’s the last day of our 12 blends competition and it’s the turn of the chaps at Living Room Whisky. They’ve served up this classy dram of Master of Malt 8 year old blended scotch whisky. Part of their secret bottling series.

I’m going for some compass box Hedonism, though this reminds me a little in the finish of something we had earlier in the competition.

Here are the dramstats:

Picture from Tom's Whisky Reviews

Picture from Tom’s Whisky Reviews

  • ABV 40%
  • Price £20.95 from here

Nose: Vanilla, apple and white chocolate mousse, marshmallow and whipped cream, and a touch of aftershave.

Palate: Spicy, vanilla, whipped cream again, and some honeyed-oak.

Finish: Creamy and with white pepper, oak, and white chocolate mousse.

Verdict: Very enjoyable if a little slow to open up. Was a little put off by the aftershave note, so I think I’d probably not buy a full bottle of this (though it is well priced).

So that’s 12 blends finished. It’s been great and a real education. Myself, and indeed all of the whisky bloggers struggled in the dark guessing these drams but it was a lot of fun. We whisky geeks don’t pay enough attention to the blended stuff and there can be a certain level of snobbery about blends (though not from any of the guys in the competition). I think we all had our eyes opened, and I for one will be trying a lot more blends from now on. Thank you to all of the blenders: @ardbaggie, @sjjgo @galg @LRwhisky @mynameisgone @steveprentice @dvdbloke @whiskydiscovery @rodbodtoo @WhiskyMarks and, lastly and most importantly to Tom (@ifotou) for doing all of the organising and sorting the prize. Follow all of these guys on twitter for interesting whisky stuff.

Finally, blended whisky month here on dramstats will continue on Sunday with another interesting blend!


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