Review: Michael Jackson Special Blended Whisky

The nose may be out of action for a few days, but blended whisky month continues and I have a few drams left in the locker.

This one is a Berry Bros and Rudd bottling blended from some of the samples left behind by the whisky legend Michael Jackson. Some of the proceeds of sales at the time went towards the Parkinsons disease society.

Here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 43%
  • Price £118

Nose: Lots of vanilla with quite an Irish character initially. Tangerines, brazil nuts and coconut shavings. Honey and camomile tea come through. Lots of marmalade. After a taste, fresh pine comes through, coconut mushrooms and a salty note that reminds me of Springbank.

Palate: Sweet vanilla and plenty of wood.

Finish: Slight oak spice then vanilla with faint chocolate covered turkish delight.

Verdict: This is really very nice! The nose particularly is very enjoyable. The legend is that this blend was concocted using all the whisky found in the legendary drinks writer’s office. I wonder how much springbank he had. One thing’s for sure, that man had some seriously good taste in whisky! However, too expensive for my tastes. Lovely sample though!


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