Review: Boxes Blend

Blended whisky month on dramstats rolls on with Boxes Blend, from Master of Malt. By way of full disclosure I was sent this sample by the chaps at master of malt, and I am very grateful.

Boxes Blend was created by Athlete bassist Carey Willets, named after his solo project “Boxes”. I wonder if he created it entirely on his own or if he had expert guidance? I’d love to create a blend… Anyway, I digress, here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 40.9%
  • Price £55.95

Nose: Initially floral with creamy toffee and werthers original. Becomes quite woody with coriander seeds and pepper. Fresh.

Palate: Treacle toffee, peppery spice, creamy and buttery, hint of honey then wood sap.

Finish: Buttery toffee sauce, pepper, oak, drying but with fading caramel sweetness then a final hint of smoke.

Verdict: It’s lovely. Complex and I’d probably need another dram or three before I really got to the bottom of it. Slightly on the woody side from these first impressions, and I’m not entirely sure I want to buy a full bottle in order to get there. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the dram a lot. But this is one of the most expensive blends I’ve tasted so far this month, and I preferred a number of the others.




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