Review: Tartan Prince Blended Scotch Whisky

This is a lost blend. So lost I couldn’t even find a picture of it! My friend Adrian Barnett kindly sent me a sample of this lost blend (last bottled in 1992), and I’m very glad that he did. A really different experience.

Here are the dramstats:

  • ABV 40%
  • Price? (maybe available and inexpensive at auction).

Nose: Sea kelp shower gel! Walnuts and brazil nuts and nougat.

Palate: Seaweed? Sea kelp, inside of a snickers bar (without the chocolate or caramel). Kiwi fruit juice.

Finish: More of a standard finish to this with some vanilla, custard creams and a brief crackle of oak. Short.

Verdict: It’s very pale and it was a former house blend, but it doesn’t taste young. It’s really quite interesting and I really dig this sea kelp shower gel note. Weird and wonderful! Thanks Adrian!



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