Review: Nikka from the Barrel

Blended whisky month is coming to a close but I still have around 3 reviews left to post. (I say around as Im at Edinburgh whisky festival tomorrow and I might try some there!)

Today it’s another dram from my friend Adrian Barnett (@mynameisgone) and it’s Japanese. Nikka from the Barrel. A cask strength blend from the geniuses over at Nikka. Here are the dramstats:



  • Price £27
  • ABV 51.4%
  • Country: Japan
  • 50cl

Nose: Some decent spicy grain here, lots of spice and sweet vanilla. Rye-esque at first. Black pepper, rye bread, cinnamon and anise. A real spice bomb! Muscavado sugar, cola bottles. There is something unique about the spice here that I can’t put my finger on. Wonder if it is Japanese oak?

Palate: Vanilla, liquorice and brown sugar with oak before a huge wave of spice begins a long finish.

Finish: Spicy spice gets spicy! There is oak, pepper, anise, cinnamon, ground ginger, cola and it keeps coming!

Verdict: Terrific stuff and unique. Even though it’s 50cl (grrr Nikka, grrr!), I think this is a bargain and a brilliant drop. I will be purchasing a bottle.



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