Top 5 Blended Whiskies

(reviewed during blended whisky month).

A month of reviewing blended whiskies is over and I thought I’d recap with a “top 5 blends” post. These are the top 5 blends, in my opinion, of those that I reviewed this month. As always with me, price is a factor in this ordering. Click on each link to see the full review.

5. Smokin’ Blended Scotch Whisky


This was a fantastic little find. A medley of smoke and a soft sweetness at a bargain price. A brand new blend you really need to try!

4. The Tweeddale Blend Batch 3


The Tweeddale blend is a great story. A recreation of an old family recipe and a blend of just 9 single casks. A small family business producing an artisan product at a great price. I love it!

3. Ballantines 17 Year Old


Consistently excellent. It really is a great blend. Slightly more expensive than the rest of this list, but so well made and never disappointing. Worth every penny!

2. Nikka From the Barrel


This was a totally excellent surprise package. Unbelievably spicy and complex and so affordable. This is a blend people need to try!

1. Cutty Sark Cask Strength and Carry On


With British summer almost here, an excellent lemon bomb outdoor dram has arrived just in time. A blend at cask strength is a brilliant idea. When it tastes this good, it’s a brilliant product. The only thing better than a brilliant product, is a brilliant product at a brilliant price. I only wish it wasn’t a limited edition!

Blended whisky is such a fantastic and varied product. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a whisky drinker is to focus solely on single malts and believe that blends are not worth your time. You’ll be missing out! I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll be reviewing a lot more blended whisky here in the future.


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