Dram Review: Talisker Port Ruighe

This is the new Talisker! A new addition to the permanent range, this is No Age Statement Talisker from both American and European oak that has been finished in casks previously holding port.

So, I figured fruity, spicy, peaty Talisker, I must get a bottle! However, before it was officially in the shops, I managed to get a taste at the Edinburgh whisky festival. So here are the dramstats:


  • NAS
  • ABV 45.8%
  • £42.95 from single malts direct

Nose:  Err cheese! Certainly port, smoke and cheese (Bavarian smoked cheese to be exact). It’s really unusual. Winey with some red fruit and Talisker smoke, but, for me, it’s dominated by Bavarian smoked cheese…

Palate: Bavarian smoked cheese with some watery fruity smoke.

Finish: The German cheese comes through with a mild hit of the traditional Talisker pepper, some smoke and faint fruit.

Verdict: First thing to say is that it’s unusual. You might think my tastes were off, but I assure you a few of us said “cheese” almost straight away and we spent 5 minutes trying to figure out exactly which cheese. Call me crazy but I actually enjoyed the Bavarian smoked cheese note, I always buy that at Christmas. However, I won’t be buying this Talisker. The Smokey peppery Talisker kick I was hoping for didn’t materialise and I didn’t find it as rich and fruity as the port finish suggested it might be. If you offered me this or the standard Talisker 10, it would be the standard 10 every single time. I might save up for the cask strength 57 degrees North (brilliant) or the wonderful Distillers Edition, but I definitely have better uses for £43 than this.

Everyone’s tastes are different and you may really enjoy it (I’ve spoken to a few friends who did). So, if you really do want to get a bottle make sure you shop around! When it was released Diageo said it would be 20-25% more expensive than the standard 10 year old (sounds about right I suppose). That would make it about £40ish and you can get it for that many places. But BEWARE! Some retailers are selling it for around £60!


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