Dram Review: Master of Malt 50 Year old Speyside (3rd edition)

Finally, I’ve got around to posting my review for day 24 of the whisky advent calendar. The 50 year old Master of Malt Speyside. This is the oldest whisky I’ve tasted and I waited for a special occasion.

I took this up to Aberlour and had it on my anniversary in a cottage at the foot of Benrinnes in Speyside. Immersed in the location and with the oldest whisky I’ve ever tasted, here are the dramstats:

  • ABV 43%
  • Age 50
  • Price £370.95

Nose: Vanilla, nougat, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets. Floral pot pourri then lots of wood. Fruit salad chews, ozone and the wood gets stronger over time. Dry smoke.

Palate: Not as sweet as expected. Oak, soft mouthfeel, mild pear and nougat.

Finish: Vanilla milkshake, mild rhubarb and custard, quite woody with a touch of smoke.

Verdict: A privilege to taste old whisky like this. However, it wasn’t as mind blowing as I was hoping. Quite a lot of wood but extra well rounded. Actually this really lifted the myth about old=quality for me. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s very nice, but I would never pay £370 for this and be happy. No doubt £370 is very cheap for 50 year old whisky, particularly at today’s prices, but will you taste it and think “worth every penny”? That depends on how much you usually spend on whisky. I usually spend up to £100 and this is not nearly 4 times better than anything I’ve ever bought. You can buy a dram of this for around £20, and that is worth it for the experience.


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