Glenlivet Nadura: Whisky Review

I was lucky enough to be offered this during Whisky Live London 2013 by none other than International brand ambassador for Glenlivet, Ian Logan. Ian seemed a very nice man in the 15 or so minutes we chatted. Down to earth, not into “marketing speak”, but very friendly and really into his single malt. I’ll bet a master class with him is a lot of fun.

Anyway, when a whisky legend offers you a dram, to quote Winston Zeddemore, you say yes. But when they offer you a choice, things are even better, though slightly more complicated! Ian offered me (and fellow bloggers Tom Thomson and Steve Prentice) the choice of the Glenlivet range, and I chose the Nadurra.

Glenlivet Nadurra is the cask strength version of Glenlivet. In the spirit of “anything you can do”, Glenlivet followed their parent company’s enormous success with Aberlour A’bunadh and released a cask strength, reasonably priced, version of The Glenlivet. One thing I like about this dram is that it is unafraid of stating the age of the youngest whisky on the bottle.

Here are the dramstats:


  • Age 16 years
  • ABV 55.5%
  • Price £49.41 here

Nose: Grass, green apples, pears, pineapple, vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of wood.

Palate: Lots of drying oak, pepper, mild pear and a touch of pineapples.

Finish: Touch of pepper, pear, cinnamon and fading pepper.

Verdict: I really like this. The pineapple and pear really comes through and there are a lot of different profiles possible with the addition of water. One of those really enjoyable drams you can pick up straight from work. The price makes me wince a little, but at cask strength and 16 years, I can’t say it’s over priced. It’s not. Good stuff!



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