Dram Review: SMWS 59.43 “Caramel Swirl Ice Cream”

This is a special whisky that I managed to taste at Edinburgh whisky festival 2013. It is part of the SMWS 30th anniversary celebrations and was distilled on 8th November 1983.

That’s what makes it special for me. That was 5 days after my birthday. The whisky is therefore 29, but it’s part of the 30th celebration.

Anyway it’s from Teanininch distillery and here are the dramstats:

  • Age 29
  • ABV 56.4%
  • Ex Hogshead
  • £137.20

Nose: Fresh fruit salad medley. Clean and wonderful with each fruit popping in for a brief appearance. You could nose this for hours! Clearly coming through more often than other fruits for me is watermelon. There is also creamy vanilla and oak.

Palate: Initially it’s fruit salad and it’s big. Then a wave of pepper begins the finish.

Finish: A peppery spicy explosion with cinnamon and oak. The finish then dries with plenty of fresh fruit. It gets even drier with water.

Verdict: Yum! This is in my danger price range. I will pay it, but only for a special bottle. With the proximity to my 30th birthday, I’m on the look out for a special 30 year old. There are 28 left at the time of writing and I’m still undecided. I’ve heard SMWS have a lot of 30th anniversary bottlings coming and I can only get one for my 30th. I’m tempted to wait for one of my favourite distilleries, but I’m also tempted to buy. Damn you SMWS! Too many whiskies I want!


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