Dram Review: Balblair 1997 (2nd release)

I was lucky enough to get a place on a Balblair twitter tasting with the guys from Edinburgh Whisky blog. These guys were the pioneers of twitter tastings and I was on some of those early events, so I was dead excited to be invited back to sample some Balblair.

However, my samples didn’t arrive until after the event. Still, no matter. I have reviewed each sample and will post them all here. First up we have Balblair 1997. Balblair is now (if it wasn’t already) a famous distillery worldwide thanks to the film the Angels share (a great film btw) in which it is featured. Their single malt is marketed using the vintage approach where a number of casks from a particular year are blended and bottled for a limited edition release. Glenrothes uses the same approach.

Here are the dramstats:


  • Price £53
  • ABV 46%
  • Natural Colour
  • Non chill filtered

Nose: Citrus, green opal fruits, the white sugary filling from a strawberry cable, apple pie with cinnamon and short crust pastry, vanilla pods, refreshers and love hearts.

Palate: Apple pie, crust and all! Sugary with creamy oak and dry vanilla.

Finish: Creamy apple and a fizzy oak burst before the apple pie note returns with some cinnamon, fresh from the oven.

Verdict: This is lovely. A delicate spirit that has been aged perfectly in my opinion. The nose is lovely and the apple pie palate makes this stuff so easy and enjoyable to drink. It’s at the top end of my price range for 15 year old whisky, but in my opinion that is probably about right as this is very well made. 15 is a good age for Balblair!


2 thoughts on “Dram Review: Balblair 1997 (2nd release)

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