Dram Review: Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2006 (Dunlossit Farm)

I tasted this whisky as part of a twitter tasting, but I have to say I’d been tempted to buy a bottle before then. I’ve reviewed a few Bruichladdichs on dramstats (find them here), and I havn’t had a bad word to say about them.

The organic has been one of my favourite “after work” drams over the winter, and 100% Islay barely is almost the next step in this exploring the provenance of the whisky and I want to know what the difference is.

I’ve read whisky articles and heard tour guides at other distilleries say that the Barley type makes no difference and there was a lot of hoodoo surrounding “organic” whisky etc. My personal experience from Benromach and Bruichladdich is that organic barely does add a similar note to the whisky and a certain freshness. I was quite surprised as these distilleries are pretty different, but the similarities were definitely there.

So what does having all of the barely from Dunlossit farm on Islay add? Here are the dramstats:



  • Price £35 from drinksupermarket.com
  • ABV 50%

Nose: There is a real barley fingerprint on this. It’s like Bruichladdich Organic+. Funny that, I remember saying that the organic was like the laddie ten on speed. Well this is up another notch! Green apple, crumble note, clotted cream, custard creams, cherry bakewell tart.

Palate: Fruity entry, loads of nutrigrain cereal bar (cherry flavour, then apple). Almond crumble topping and cream.

Finish: Lots of pepper takes over the early palate notes as this one almost crackles on the way down. Long finish with a fainty creamy note and a touch of vanilla.

Verdict: This is even better than the organic, which I love. I will be picking up a bottle of this. Good price, decent ABV, great nose and taste. Laddie do it again!



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