Dram Review: SMWS 125.58 “A picket fence around an orchard”

For those not familiar with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) numbering system, the format is x.y where x is the code for the distillery and y is the number of the cask released from the distillery. So, 125.58 means the 58th cask bottled from distillery 125, which happens to be Glenmorangie. They choose the distillery codes in the order of the first cask bottled. The first cask they ever bottled was from Glenfarclas, so this has distillery code 1. 2 is glenlivet, 3 Bowmore, 4 Highland park and so on.

This dram was in my members pack. In the pack you get 4 100ml “miniatures”, a pin badge, a members card and some literature. My miniatures included this Glenmorangie, a Glenfarclas, A Port Charlotte and a 20 year old Rosebank! I’ve not opened the others yet.

You can’t buy a bottle of the whisky I’m reviewing. However, there will be other Glenmorangie releases of a similar age by SMWS in the future. Plus, it might be useful to get an idea of the overall quality of SMWS drams by comparing multiple dram reviews. Plus, and most importantly, this blog is my personal record of drams I’ve had and I wanted to add this one!

Here are the dramstats:

  • Age 11 years
  • ABV 57.1%
  • Ex-bourbon cask

Nose: Icing sugar, apples, slightly floral and delicate. Water releases parma violets.

Palate: Sweet apples and icing sugar. Toffee sauce and banana. Water brings pepper, some ginger and blackened banana.

Finish: Banoffee pie and toffee sauce. Water releases a spicy finish with pepper and ginger.

Verdict: Delicate and delicious and needs water. It’s unlike any Glenmorangie I’ve ever tasted, and yet some of the notes are very “Glenmorangie”. It’s almost a lesson in “elements of Glenmorangie”, which is pretty cool by itself.


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