Dram Review: Balblair Vintage 1975

This was part of the Balblair tweet tasting I missed due to delayed postage. Still I kept up with the tweet tasting and the general consensus was that this 38 year old vintage Balblair was excellent.

Here are the dramstats:


  • Price £207.40
  • ABV 46%
  • Non coloured
  • Non Chill-filtered

Nose: Very fresh at such an old age. Pineapple cubes, pine forrest, apples, pears and jelly beans. It really opens out and turns fruity after 5 minutes in the glass. Incredibly fresh. After 30 minutes some peat smoke comes through with lots of oak.

Palate: Vanilla and kiwi and apple before lots of oak wood influence and spice. With water it is less woody with more kiwi fruits.

Finish: Woody with drying oak, bark and vanilla and a hint of peat smoke. There is also a nice note of peach cordial.

Verdict: It always worries me when my experience is not the same as fellow experienced tasters and bloggers. However, I have my own olfactory system, my own tongue, brain and sensitivities and likes and dislikes, and this is a report of my experience. I found it too woody. I loved the nose, but the amount of wood in the finish meant that i enjoyed the Balblair 1997 more. I’ve noticed “too much wood for me” on a lot of the older drams I’ve had recently. This could mean I’m more “sensitive” to wood notes, a cheaper date (so to speak), or I’m just wrong, but there you go. Many other bloggers raved about it, but I felt that I could buy a lot of whisky that I really love for £200+ and that I would get a lot more out of those experiences than from a bottle of this.


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