About Dramstats

There are a lot of whisky blogs out there. So why would I start another one and why should you read it?

I found whisky five years ago, whilst on honeymoon on the west coast of Scotland. Ever since, we’ve been back to Scotland ever year and my whisky journey has been a major part of that. From distillery tours to meeting guys in whisky bars and at whisky festivals. But what about the other 51 weeks of the year? I live in a part of England where there are no whisky clubs, no whisky bars, and no community. It’s just me on my own, tasting great whisky, writing tasting notes, having opinions and keeping them to myself, the end.

Whisky is a drink to be shared and I want to share my experiences. So I will share them with this blog and hopefully some people will find me. So what about content?

I will review drams that I buy and drams I am bought. Each review will contain interesting dram stats including ABV, presentation, my tasting notes and the price (in the UK). There won’t be any scores, that can be left to people more qualified.  I will, however, comment on enjoyment and whether I thought the whisky (now tasted) was value for money. This latter idea may become quite controversial, though I doubt it is new. However, one of the main reasons I search for whisky reviews is not to find out what notes could be detected by the nose of the author of the review, but to find out if the whisky is worth buying at the price I can get it.

There are three things to bear in mind when reading my reviews:

1. The notes and opinions apply to the current version of the whisky I’m trying, at the price I’ve stated, at the time of writing. Whisky changes, prices change, even I change. A whisky I like today might be poor tomorrow, and vice versa.

2. They are only my subjective opinions. Whisky tasting is a subjective pass time. Everyone’s tastes are different and everyone can get something different from a whisky.

3. I am not a journalist, nor do I want to be. Tasting and writing about whisky is purely a hobby. It’s a way for me to keep my own records of my whisky journey and share opinions. For a higher standard of writing and commentary I’d check out one of the professional whisky writers.

Enjoy this blog and your whisky!


One thought on “About Dramstats

  1. I like your blog because you are an ordinary whisky fan, so passionate about whisky that you have chosen to post your tasting notes and thoughts. There are plenty of whisky blogs out there, but many are connected to the industry.

    Anyway, keep doing what you are doing!

    from one blogger to another

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