Review: High West Whiskey Campfire

Today was our friend from Texas’ turn in the 12 blends competiton. Sean Foushee (@WhiskyMarks) had delivered a belter from across the pond: High West Whiskey: Campfire

Knowing Sean and his proximity to Balcones, and having tasted True Blue at Whisky Live, I thought this might be from Balcones. However, no official product was a blend. Nevertheless, I know Sean gets to tinker in their warehouses from time to time, so my guess was some blend from there that wasn’t official. It’s only a game after all! Wrong, but got the ABV and age right.

Here are the dramstats:



  • ABV 46%
  • $53.99 (can’t find in the UK)

Nose: Corn and vanilla, sweet popcorn, treacle-honey, worcester sauce, charred oak, unripe banana, cinnamon, anise and smoke

Palate: Vanilla, sweet and tangy, sticky BBQ sauce with orange and honey,spices (cinnamon and pepper)

Finish: Fiery pepper, oak, rich vanilla and sweet, then really tangy.

Verdict: I love it! Shame you can’t get it in the UK yet, but here’s hoping. Very very good stuff this.


New Year Review: Balcones Brimstone

Happy new year everyone!

I thought carefully before I chose the first dram for 2013 and, in the end, I went for something that’s really in vogue at the moment: Balcones Brimstone, a corn whisky distilled at a small craft distillery in Texas and infused, post distillation, with smoke via a secret process.

The result is something very different that has excited the whisky blogosphere, particularly in the states, and that is now available in the UK via the Whisky exchange. Thanks to Steve Prentice over at The Somerset Whisky Blog I had a sample ready to review. So, what is all the fuss about? Here are the dramstats:


  • ABV 53%
  • Price £64.95 via the whisky exchange

Nose: Starts like a very sweet Bourbon and decends, on third sniff (read breath) into smokey bacon crisps/ bacon fries. There are classic sweet bourbon notes there yet the pungency of the smokey bacon flavour really dominates. After the first taste spices come through including smoked paprika and pepper. The corn shines through more after a taste too. The best tasting note I have here is smokey bacon flavour doritos (other tortilla chips are available).

Palate: Smokey bacon and really pungent. The sort of flavour that, if you eat it, you expect it to repeat on you all night! It has a creamy mouthfeel and after another taste, the spices from the nose come through with a note of burnt chips.

Finish: Never ending! Pepper, hint of Bourbon and cough medicine then smokey bacon flavouring on burnt crisps that just continues. 15 minutes after I’ve finished and I can still taste smokey bacon on burnt crisps.

Verdict: WOW! This is so different. Often, when you give tasting notes, you are talking about a subtle flavour that you have picked up that triggers a memory, yet is integrated into the whisky. The smokey bacon here is nothing like that. It’s upfront and pungent, and makes this dram nothing like any whisky I’ve ever tasted. It’s great and it’s unique. Would I buy a bottle? Well I’m not certain. At £65 it’s expensive for a young American whiskey. Particularly when a 75cl bottle goes for less than half that in the states. However, it is utterly unique. If you’ve not tried it, £65 is a snip for the experience plus a bottle of excellent whisky. Now I’ve tried it, I think I’ll hang on for the price to come down in the UK. Well done to the guys at Balcones for coming up with something so cool. I’ll be trying to source the rest of their range now.