Review: Isle of Skye 8 year old

Today’s blended whisky review is Isle of Skye, 8 year old. This is an 8 year old blend and, judging by the name, it contains Talisker.

I actually sampled this from the whisky advent calendar last year, but thought it deserved the full treatment!

Here are the dramstats:

Picture from Royal Mile Whiskies

Picture from Royal Mile Whiskies

  • Price £17.75
  • ABV 40%

Nose: You can smell Talisker peppery smoke underneath a fairly sweet nose with maple syrup and hob nobs.

Palate: Golden syrup cereal bars and mild pepper.

Finish: Sweet oats with bitter caramel and light smoke. Mild and moreish.

Verdict: An enjoyable blend and for the price I would buy it. It’s one of those session drams that I could really get into and end up polishing off a bottle.